Cardboard balers are one of the most useful pieces of equipment for any organisation which is committed to recycling and waste management. The ability to compact cardboard is also important for companies handling large volumes of packaging materials in their daily operations; not least as balers are the ideal way to minimise the impact on storage and handling space.

What does a cardboard baler do?

This popular piece of equipment can handle large amounts of cardboard quickly and relatively effortlessly. The resulting cardboard bale is then much easier to store and transport than loose material.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that baling cardboard helps companies to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. Instead of going to landfill, cardboard packaging can be compacted and sent to be reprocessed.
There are various sizes of cardboard balers, with different capacities and functions – including ones which operate either horizontally or vertically. Selecting the right model ensures that, once in place, it will offer a seamless feed for the volume of cardboard waste you generate.

Whichever model you select, the resulting pressed and compacted cardboard bale would be tied off to make it even easier to store efficiently and then move off-site. This can all make your cardboard waste management much cheaper too, with its ease and simplicity.

Which machines are suitable for cardboard?

With regards to recommendations all our machinery is suitable for cardboard, but the following might be useful.

  • The RamPack 40 is a vertical baler and perfect for small spaces.
  • The RamPack 500 also a vertical and is a workhorse for mill size bales.

Mardon Rampack Trojan 600V5 after

Cardboard baler ownership options

As we are an experienced supplier of cardboard balers, Mardon Recycling Machinery can help clients match their requirements to the right equipment.

One of the first things to consider is whether you want to hire, rent, lease or buy a cardboard baler. There are also possible savings to be made by purchasing a second hand model.

Cardboard baler rental

Renting can be an excellent solution if you generate a lot of cardboard waste temporarily, or sporadically. All Mardon Rental / Hire agreements include full service and Maintenance (exclusions apply).

Cardboard baler lease

Some companies need to have a cardboard baler permanently on site but don’t want the initial outlay of buying one. Leasing a cardboard baler spreads the cost over time Leasing also gives you the opportunity to upgrade should your requirements change during the term

Cardboard baler new or cardboard baler second hand?

Whether you choose to buy a new or second-hand cardboard baler is often a matter of budget. Used recycling equipment that has been carefully refurbished by our engineers can provide balers that are highly competitive on price. You still have the assurance that the cardboard baler will be efficient, effective and reliable.

Here at Mardon Recycling, refurbished machines are inspected thoroughly by our experienced engineers. All critical components are evaluated before determining their viability then a crucial decision must be made to either replace or refurbish. The right decision can mean the difference between extended downtime and operating at peak performance.
All Mardon refurbished machines are brought back to their best without compromising the machines performance at a fraction of the price of a new.