Here at Mardon Recycling we get asked plenty of questions about the services and equipment that we provide. One of the most frequent queries we seem to find is what is the difference between a waste compactor and a waste baler?

Our staff here at Mardon are experts and have a wealth of knowledge about the waste industry, therefore, the difference to us is clear, but we know that it isn’t necessary clear to all our customers, or those whose skill sets are employed outside of the waste and recycling industry.

So, to explain more, we have put together a little information about the two, so you can see where they differ.

What is a Waste Compactor?

A waste compactor, is, as the name suggests, a machine that will compact waste. These large and heavy duty machines can take mixed waste in large quantities and compress them into a smaller, and more contained amount.

This compacted waste can then be collected by a waste collector and transported to a waste and recycling facility.

What is a Waste Baler?

Whilst a waste compactor is a more all-encompassing form of waste sorting and reduction, a waste baler is more thorough. These particular machines are designed to allow businesses to take out valuable and recyclable materials from their waste stream, creating bales that are then ready for collection.

So, What is the Difference Between a Waste Compactor and a Waste Baler?

Of course, there are some obvious differences between the two types of machines, but for companies who are looking to revise their waste production system, then it can be confusing to know which is the best machine for you.

A waste baler is a preferred method to tackle separated recycling waste streams, for example paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, textiles etc. Not only does a baler mean that you can save space in your premises and create a cleaner environment, but it is also preferred by recycling centres too to maximise the revenue of the bales for shipment abroad.

The recycled materials will be already sorted and ready to go, meaning the collection company won’t have to spend time sorting through it and you will get a better price for your recycled waste.

Not only this, but with landfill sites filling up and the price to tip having increased significantly over the past few years, having a waste baler is a sure-fire way to reduce the amount that you send there and will help the environment too reducing your CO2 omissions.

A waste compactor is great for reducing the space that your waste takes up and gets it ready to be collected. However, it can be more difficult to recycle and sort properly after compaction and most collection companies won’t even bother attempting to sort it as there are higher risks of contaminating materials making their way onto the cardboard and plastic, meaning that they then cannot be recycled.

Waste compactors are more commonly used to compact those waste streams which cannot easily be recycled and may even require specialist destruction and disposal like confidential waste.  Some of these wastes may be sent to an incineration plant to be transformed into a replacement for fossil fuels, alternatively as a last resort, the waste from compactors may go to a landfill site.

Looking for a Waste Compactor and a Waste Baler?

So, if you are a business who is looking at their waste and recycling systems and procedures, why not see if a waste baler or compactor can help? Ideal for a range of industries, these are a great investment to make!

The first step is to get in touch with a member of the Mardon team to request a free waste survey and no obligation quotation.