So, you have decided that a vertical baler is what you need to help with your business waste recycling – that’s great! But which of the many vertical balers out there should you buy? We have some great brand new and second-hand vertical balers in stock at Mardon. Here are a few of our favourites to think about.

If your company is thinking of having a quality vertical baler on-site it’s a wise choice. This type of machine will compress your recyclable waste into bales thus saving you storage space and money on waste collections.
Not quite what you’re looking for? No problem, please get in touch with the team to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll recommend the best machine to suit your needs.

RAMPACK 40 baler

If your business or organisation does not have large premises for dealing with recyclable waste, then this is the machine for you. As the smallest machine in the RAMPACK range, it is perfect for locations with restricted space or height. Ideal for dealing with lighter volumes of waste, it produces a small 30-55kg (up to 40kg) bale measuring 0.535 metres wide for easy storage. With a pressing force of 3 tonnes, it has enough power to be effective while the operating noise of 72 decibels is not too loud.

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RAMPACK 500 baler

If on the other hand, you have lots of recyclable waste to process then this larger baler is for you. Producing (up to) 550kg bales and with an XXL loading aperture, it makes it simple to handle vast amounts of material. At 3.217 metres high and 2.115 metres wide, it is perfect for any company with the space to install it (Don’t want this to seem like a negative point as a low height option is also available). Five wire tying ensures the produced bale is secure while the automated ejector mechanism makes it easy to get the bale out.

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TC60 baler

The big advantage that the TC60 offers is the ability to segregate recyclable waste yourself thanks to separate chambers. Able to deal with plastic, cardboard and general waste, this is a serious piece of kit. Multiple chambers also save staff time by allowing free ones to be loaded while others are in use. The 1.969-metre height means this is ideal if you have restricted height on your premises. With a cycle time of only 35 seconds, this is also a quick machine to use. Additional chambers (up to a max of 6) can be added.

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A popular machine that produces half size bales is the TC200. It saves on handling time because of its multiple chambers which means it’s free to load while other chamber compacts. Another benefit of multiple chambers is that is offers an efficient way of separating different materials before baling. The TC200 comes with a roller guided head for ease of movement, retaining claws to prevent spring back and it’s a top loading machine and suitable for areas with height restrictions. Fully automated bale ejector simplifies removal of the bale.

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