Facility management

In order to successfully run organisations, facility management is key. We can assist in supporting the functionality, safety and sustainability of businesses by providing reliable recycling equipment to help manage your waste stream.

Mardon Recycling balers are a great solution for any recyclable material such as cardboard, paper, textiles and plastics.

The material can be loaded into balers and processed into manageable bales that can then be stacked and stored ready for collection. Larger mill-size balers also offer the potential to sell recyclable material once baled. 

General Waste and Non-recyclable material

Can be loaded into compactors by hand or with the use of bin lifts and can dramatically reduce the footprint required for wheelie bins.

The compactors range from wheelie bin presses to static compactors and portable compactors which can be configured to suit individual requirements.

The waste is then compacted ready for collection, saving on disposal collections costs.

The full range

See our range of recycling equipment to find the perfect solution for your facilities waste management needs.


The machines listed below are just a few examples of the equipment that we can recommend to various retailers. Our team of experts is available for contact to assist in discovering the best solution for your waste management needs.