Increase space and align with environmental standards

Distribution centres receive large quantities of goods, often wrapped in plastic or cardboard. Once unpackaged, the packaging can occupy significant space, necessitating a solution to reduce the space required and meet environmental standards. With increasing transportation, collection, and landfill costs, companies are increasingly exploring recycling to not only save on incurred costs but also, in some cases, to create an additional revenue stream.

manage the waste stream effectively

By employing methods such as skips to collect waste, there is an increase in the frequency of collections, subsequently raising costs. However, utilizing balers and compactors effectively manages the waste stream, forming compact bales that can be neatly stored and collected. This reduces both the frequency of collections and the associated costs. Recycling companies may also provide compensation for certain recyclables, generating additional revenue for your company. At Mardon, we recognize the importance of efficiently managing space and labor hours in a distribution center. That’s why we can recommend one of our balers or compactors to help you effectively manage your waste in the future.

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The machines listed below are just a few examples of the equipment that we can recommend to various retailers. Our team of experts is available for contact to assist in discovering the best solution for your waste management needs.