Effective Food Waste Management

Proper food waste disposal is critical for cost reduction, safety, and hygiene. Neglecting it can attract pests and spread bacteria, risking employee health and business integrity. 2023 regulations prohibit flushing food waste down drains, banning macerators & liquidising digestors. Food waste must now be separated and presented in distinct containers; Mardon Recycling have a range of equipment, perfectly suited for disposing of food waste.

Take a look at the new food waste regulations in Wales:

Mardon RamPack Portable Compactors

Mardon RamPack Portable Compactors provide an ideal solution for managing food waste. These compactors can be fully liquid retentive, minimizing spillage risks and enhancing site health and safety by deterring vermin and reducing odors. Additionally, they offer the option of bin lifts to mitigate the risk of lifting injuries for staff and decrease the amount of waste handling

Mardon RamPack Wheelie Bin Press

The Mardon RamPack Wheelie Bin Press compacts bin volume by 3:1, reducing the need for frequent bin collections, saving money, and lowering CO2 emissions. The Mardon RamPack Bin Press is available in 660L or 1100L sizes to fit standard wheelie bins.

Mardon RamPack Food Bio Processors

Mardon RamPack Food Bio Processors transform organic food waste and compostable packaging into end substrate. Through the use of microbes, the volume of food waste is reduced by 80%. The resulting substrate can be utilized as bio-fuel, spread on the ground for co-composting, or disposed of in landfills with general waste.

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