balancing patient safety, cost and sustainability

The healthcare industry is grappling with challenges in balancing patient safety, cost, and sustainability. Healthcare professionals bear the responsibility of not only treating illnesses but also promoting overall well-being and public health. Recognizing the critical impact of climate change and pollution on health, recycling emerges as a significant factor in addressing these challenges and should, therefore, be actively encouraged. At Mardon, we understand and appreciate these challenges, and we are committed to offering our support.

identifying better waste management opportunities

We recognize the importance of identifying better waste management opportunities and implementing improved waste management practices. This is crucial not only for reducing the negative environmental impact of the healthcare industry but also for significantly lowering operational costs for your organization.

we can help you determine the most applicable solutions

Mardon’s experienced sales representatives can help you determine the most applicable solutions and recommend reliable and cost-effective equipment to suit your individual requirements. By sorting and compacting recyclable waste at your premises, achieving a safer, more hygienic and tidier work environment for both, staff and patients, is easier and more effective than ever before. In addition, using professional recycling equipment will minimalize the risk of cross-contamination of your recyclable waste with polluted waste. Thanks to this process your end product – bales of recyclable materials – will be more attractive for recyclers wanting to buy it.