Sorting, compacting, crushing and baling waste

Restaurants, hotels, pubs, and catering establishments generate a large volume of various types of waste, including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and often food on a daily basis. Throwing mixed waste into a skip is no longer a practical and sustainable option due to increased costs of waste disposal and limited space in landfill sites. Sorting, compacting, crushing, and baling waste, on the other hand, have become attractive alternatives.

Mardon can provide a range of balers

Mardon can provide a range of balers, compactors and glass crushers suitable for the hospitality and leisure industries. Our machines are easy to operate and can be a very effective in achieving a safer and tidier work environment, reducing the risk of pests and promoting clean and environmentally conscious image of your business.

reduce waste disposal

In addition, the baling process not only reduces waste disposal costs but can potentially generate income, as bales of recyclable materials are saleable and in demand.
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