Reduce the impact of your waste stream

Manufacturing industries can produce large amounts of waste streams from general waste, to recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, textiles and plastics. Waste material can take up vast amounts of valuable storage space and can be costly to dispose of. By investing in recycling equipment, you can dramatically reduce the impact of your waste stream.

Create Manageable Bales

Recyclable material can be loaded into balers and processed into manageable bales which can be stacked and stored ready for collection. This material can then be recycled, improving your companies’ green credentials, as well as the potential to earn extra revenue from baled materials.


Compactors are a great solution for non-recyclable general waste, as they can significantly reduce the amount of storage space taken up by wheelie bins, as well as saving money with reduced collection fees, as more waste can be taken away at once.

Shredding recyclable material

There is also the option of shredding recyclable material such as paper and cardboard which then has the potential to be used for additional packaging protection, making your company even greener. 

See our range of recycling equipment to find the perfect solution for your manufacturing waste management needs.

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