Gain an eco-friendly reputation

Retail waste is an issue for every store, regardless of the merchandise. Reducing and recycling your waste is not only beneficial for the environment but it also helps you gain an eco-friendly reputation which is a popular notion in todays world. Many members of the public like to buy from and support stores that show that they are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint and create an environmentally sustainable future. 

space and labour hours are valuable

Stores can demonstrate their commitment to the environment through various measures, such as opting for recycled paper bags and informing vendors of a preference for recyclable packaging. However, waste generated from certain activities, particularly packaging, remains unavoidable. The retail sector, in particular, extensively employs cardboard and plastics for packaging. This is where Mardon comes in. Understanding the value of space and labour hours for retailers, we provide advice on recycling machinery that minimizes space requirements and reduces manual handling of waste. Implementing such solutions not only streamlines waste storage and handling but also has the potential to create an additional revenue stream for your store through the production of small, manageable bales.

discover the best solution

The machines below are just a few of the machines that we can recommend to various retailers. Our team of experts are available to contact to help discover the best solution for your waste needs.