Baling tape (also known as Baling Twine or Baling String) is the most convenient method of securing bales of various weights.

Baling tape is suitable for most baling machines and is recommended for our RamPack baling range up to a Mardon RamPack 250. 

The Polyester strapping is extremely strong and durable and is also soft to touch to eliminate risks of cuts to hands. There is no need for special tying equipment helping keep the bailing tape a cost-effective method of securing bales.  Our bailing tape is sold in quantities of 8 rolls per bundle and comes in a range of breaking strains:

  • 9mm with a 255kg breaking strength
  • 13mm with a 380kg breaking strength
  • 16mm with a 400kg breaking strength
  • 19mm with a 760kg breaking strength – POA
  • 25mm with a 1000kg breaking strength – POA 

If you have any queries or are unsure of the exact size that you need, our friendly team are more than happy to help you. Please call 0800 587 3028 or email service@mardongroup.co.uk

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