Waste Balers

Recycling equipment such as Waste Balers are an essential component to successful waste management. A waste baler is a preferred method to tackle separated recycling waste streams, for example paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, textiles etc. They enable businesses to compact large amount of recyclable material into small, manageable bales, allowing easier storage and transport. They can also generate an additional source of income. There are a wide variety of balers available ranging in size, and application, almost all of these come within two categories, vertical balers or horizontal balers.

Vertical Waste Balers

Vertical Balers are waste machines that compress waste with a vertical downward force. Waste materials are placed into the chamber, once the chamber is filled the door is closed, the material is compressed downwards. This process is completed until the chamber is full, at which point the waste is tied using baling wire, creating a small manageable bale.

Horizontal Waste Balers

Horizontal Balers are recycling machines that compress waste with a horizontal force. Recyclable waste is thrown into a hopper, when the hopper is full a ram compresses the material from the side until the bale is complete. The completed bale is then tied with baling wire and ejected from the baler. These balers can also be fed via multi-level chute or conveyor with ease. 



We hope we have been able to help you understand the different options you have available to you when considering purchasing recycling equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are also on hand to listen to your individual requirements and provide a competitive quote for the best machine to suit your needs.

At Mardon Recycling Machinery Limited, we offer a comprehensive range of both static and portable compactors. Waste Compactors are typically used by businesses with medium to large volumes of mixed waste. They are designed to compress the waste to reduce the required space and waste collections needed saving space, time and money. We can offer machines to compact a wide range of waste streams, fed in a variety of ways including:

  • Conveyor Fed
  • Pneumatically Extracted Bin Lift
  • Chute System

Each Compactor we supply is bespoke to the customers individual specification. This will be discussed with one of our specialists prior to your order to ensure that the compactor suits your individual business requirements and environmental objectives.  

Static Compactors

Static Waste Compactors compact waste in a container rather than the actual compactor, when the container is full it is then collected exchanged for an empty container. Static Compactors are commonly used for;

  • General Dry Waste
  • Office Waste
  • Cardboard
  • Furniture
  • Plastics

Portable Compactors

Portable Waste Compactors are a clean efficient way to collect waste. Portable Compactors are Commonly used for: 

  • General Waste
  • Food Waste

These compactors are available with both a standard box ram and a wet waste ram, this reduces spillages, improves hygiene and in turn prevents vermin issues. The complete unit is then collected from site and taken to a waste disposal site to be emptied, after which it then returned for refilling. 

Other Waste Machinery

From Roller Shredders to Food Bio Processors – we have a range of recycling equipment to suit any waste type

Second Hand and Refurbished Machines

At Mardon Recycling Machinery, we specialise in the refurbishment of waste recycling machinery. Refurbishing machinery is an ongoing part of our promise to reduce our waste disposal and Co2 footprint.

Our refurbished machines are inspected thoroughly by our own team of experienced engineers. Our engineers can work wonders on machinery which may seem past its best. All critical components are evaluated before determining their viability then a crucial decision must be made to either replace or refurbish. The right decision can mean the difference between extended downtime and operating at peak performance. 

All Mardon refurbished machines are brought back to their best without compromising the machines performance at a fraction of the price of a new. 

Below is a small selection of the machinery we have in stock. These are at various stages of refurbishment. Contact our team to discuss any of our machines and the level of refurbishment you require.