Recycling Machines

Here at the Mardon Group, we are a leading supplier of recycling and waste management machines. Our machines help you and your business increase your recycling capabilities, enhance your environmental credentials and save you money.

Our range includes vertical balers, horizontal balers, compactors, wheelie bin compactors, drum crushers, waste bag compactors, glass bottle crushers and bottle balers. Whatever the waste and recycling needs of your business, we have the perfect machine to meet them.

Our recycling machines help to improve the sustainability of your business and reduce your carbon footprint by both improving your waste management and reducing the number of trips needed for waste disposal.

Recycling and waste management machines can help reduce the space occupied by waste by compressing it down into smaller, manageable bales. Baled materials also reduce any possible fire and trip hazards compared to ordinary waste.

If your business has a lot of cardboard or plastic waste, then you may even gain an additional source of revenue by using a baler, as lots of recycling companies will pay for your plastic and cardboard bales.

All new equipment comes with the option of Outright Purchase, Lease Rental & Hire*

You can browse our range of recycling and waste management machines below. If you need help deciding, use our handy COMPARISON TOOL, to compare our full range of waste equipment. 

See our Used Balers and Waste Compactors For Sale to browse our second hand stock.

* Subject to Credit Checks, Equipment Model & Site location.