Portable Waste Compactors

Traditional waste storage and disposal systems come with fire and trip hazards, which our portable compactors eliminate. Using a compactor also improves the sustainability of your business and reduces your carbon footprint.

Our portable compactors are available in both chain lift and hook lift portable models, capable of compacting both dry and wet waste types.

Our chain lift portable compactors can be transported via a skip lorry for emptying, and a range of models are available depending on your business needs and the waste that needs to be compacted. Our dry waste compactors use box-type compaction for cardboard and plastic waste, and our paddle-type compactors use dual rams to compact wet waste.

Our hook lift portable compactors are available with and without a bin lift and are particularly suitable for commercial and food waste generated by larger retail and commercial outlets, office blocks, larger catering establishments, hospitals and factories.

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for our portable compactors on the data sheet attached to each product page.