Mardon RamPack 32 Yard Hook Lift Portable Compactor

The RamPack 32yd Portable Compactor features a ratchet type turnbuckle locking device, which gives a strong, secure seal while being quick and easy to open.

The RamPack 32yd portable waste compactor with fitted multipurpose bin-lift is a totally selfcontained waste compaction unit enabling the disposal of large volumes of waste. It is particularly suitable for commercial and food waste generated by larger retail and commercial outlets, office blocks, larger catering establishments, hospitals and factories.

The controls are simple, and contained within a secure, lockable, vandal-proof cabinet. When the unit is full, the unit is removed and emptied by roll-on/off demountable body vehicle. The RamPack 32yd Portable Compactor can be loaded via safety hopper and fork tip, manually via safety doors or by an automatic hydraulic tipping device suitable for emptying wheeled Euro Bins.

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Benefits Include

  • Easy-to-use
  • Fully Sealed
  • 240 to 1100 Euro Wheelie Bins
  • Fitted with Safety Guards or Cage
  • Multiple options available
  • Efficient collection & disposal

Technical Specifications

5,500 Kg
Pressing Force
25 Tonnes
Cycle Time
45 secs

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