Static Waste Compactors

Our static compactors are versatile machines that are designed and manufactured for dealing with large quantities of cardboard, plastics, and general waste.

Using waste management or recycling machines reduces the risk of fire and trip hazards caused by conventional waste storage and disposal, while also reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the sustainability of your business.

Our static compactors come as standard with the Mardon Smart Monitor, which allows the operation of the machine to be remotely monitored, diagnosed and troubleshot, as well as alert the operators when the compactor needs emptying.

Our static waste compactors are available in a range of sizes and a wide variety of material feed options to suit your business’s needs, such as fully automated bin lift, slide door hopper, chute feed systems and deck loading.

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for our static compactors on the data sheet attached to each product page.