Mardon RamPack Mini Static Compactor

Mardon RamPack Mini Static Waste Compactors are ideal for disposing of small volumes of commercial and medium density industrial waste.

Requiring a floor space of only 1.4m x 4m the Mini Static compactors have a footprint of less than 4 standard 1100 litre wheelie bins. The Mini Static is a small but powerful compactor designed to fit in areas where space is limited such as underground car parks. We offer 24 hour remote monitoring system that allows you to know when the compactor is approaching capacity. The Mini Static brings a hygienic solution to waste management.

• Minimal space requirements
• Energy savings
• Provision of 3D CAD drawings
• Efficient collection & disposal
• Holds 26 times volume of a standard wheelie bin
• Easy-to-use operator controls housed in a weatherproof housing

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