Horizontal Balers

Mardon RamPack Horizontal Balers are a great choice for medium to high volumes of waste. 

Horizontal balers can quickly produce mill-size bales that can be extremely profitable when sold to recycling collection companies, allowing you to earn revenue from waste recycling and save money on collection and labour costs. 

Horizontal balers come in two categories, semi-automatic and fully-automatic. Semi-automatic horizontal balers require an operator to run the controls and manually feed and tie off the wire on the bales. The bales are then ejected from the machine as a fully-made bale. 

Fully-automatic horizontal balers are ideal for businesses who are looking to minimise labour, as the baler automatically senses when there is enough material to make the bale and automatically threads and ties the bales. This means that the baler will produce bale after bale until no longer required, without having to be continuously manned. 

All new equipment comes with the option of Outright Purchase, Lease Rental & Hire*

Across our range of horizontal balers, you will find machines that are capable of baling paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics and tiling. Each baler can be made bespoke to meet customer needs and optional extras are available, such as custom hoppers, dual product switches, retention claws, conveyor feeds and bin lifts.

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for all our horizontal balers on the data sheet attached to each product page.

For help choosing a Mardon RamPack Horizontal Baler or if you need to discuss a bespoke requirement, our experienced sales team is happy to help. Please call or complete the form below to get in touch.

* Subject to Credit Checks, Equipment Model & Site location.