Fully Automatic Balers


Fully automatic balers are an ideal solution where there are large volumes of waste; for example, distribution centres and waste disposal companies. 

Fully automatic balers bring labour to a minimum, by allowing a continuous feed of material and automatically detecting when enough material is available and producing and tying off bales and fully ejecting them, essentially allowing the baler to produce endless amounts of bales throughout the day without having to be manned. 

They can be combined with custom-made hoppers, conveyor feeds and bin lifts to make a perfect waste management system.

We supply a great range of fully automatic balers to suit the waste management needs of any business that needs to recycle large quantities of waste. Baling is a method of waste disposal that saves space, reduces the fire and trip hazards presented by traditional waste, and also reduces your business’s carbon footprint and improves its sustainability.

Across our range, you will find machines that are capable of baling paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics and tiling. Each baler can be made bespoke to meet customer needs and optional extras are available, such as custom hoppers, dual product switches, retention claws, conveyor feeds and bin lifts.

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for all our fully automatic balers on the data sheet attached to each product page.