Semi-Automatic Horizontal Balers

We have a great range of semi-automatic balers that will be able to meet the waste management requirements of any business. Baling waste reduces your business’ carbon footprint and improves your sustainability, whilst also reducing the storage space required by your waste and reducing fire and trip hazards.

Semi-automatic horizontal balers are perfect for large volumes of waste and minimise labour by producing mill-size bales, and generally can hold a larger capacity than vertical balers. 

Our semi-automatic balers have easy wire feeds, which means no climbing onto machinery to feed wires and come with wear plates fitted as standard.

Semi-automatic horizontal balers require an operator to man the controls and feed and tie wires manually. The bale is then fully ejected.

If you would like to minimise labour even further, a Mardon RamPack Fully Automatic Baler can bring labour to an absolute minimum, by automatically detecting when enough material is ready to bale, tying off the bales and fully ejecting. This means your baler can produce bale after bale without needing to be manned – see our Fully Automatic range.

We have a great range of semi-automatic balers and, across our range, you will find machines that are capable of baling paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics and tiling. Each baler can be made bespoke to meet customer needs and optional extras are available, such as custom hoppers, dual product switches, retention claws, conveyor feeds and bin lifts.

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for all our semi-automatic balers on the data sheet attached to each product page.