Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers are best suited for small to medium volumes of waste. Our Mardon RamPack Vertical Balers with their small footprint are perfect in even the smallest of spaces.

Make money on your waste recycling – when baling materials such as cardboard or plastics, recycling companies buy your waste recycling at a significantly higher rate when it is baled compared to when it is loose. This means that baling your waste could earn you money, as well as saving on collection costs, labour time and storage space.   

Across our vertical baler range, you will find low and high-volume machines that have the capability to recycle cardboard, plastics, general waste, steel cans, fibre cans, tyres, car bumpers and more into manageable bales

All new equipment comes with the option of Outright Purchase, Lease Rental & Hire*

You can find detailed specifications such as height, weight, power supply, and cycle times for each model on the data sheet attached to each product page. All of our vertical balers come with the appropriate noise certification so that you know the machine meets all regulations and is safe to be operated by your employees.

If you need help deciding what Mardon RamPack Vertical Baler is best suited to you, please give our sales team a call, who will be happy to help find the most suitable equipment for your business. 

* Subject to Credit Checks, Equipment Model & Site location.