General Waste

Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. General waste can occupy significant storage space and incur high disposal costs.

Investing in equipment, such as compactors or bin presses, that efficiently compresses general waste can lead to a substantial reduction in the frequency of collections needed. This not only minimizes potential health and safety risks associated with overflowing bins but also contributes to lowering your carbon footprint.

Bin and bag presses serve as excellent solutions for smaller waste volumes, with their compact designs ensuring minimal space loss. For larger volumes, compactors offer an effective solution by allowing the loading and compaction of waste for efficient transport. Various options, ranging from portable and static compactors to those with full liquid retention, are available.

A prime example showcasing the space-saving efficiency of our waste compactors is the Mardon RamPack Mini Compactor. Despite its compact footprint equivalent to four standard wheelie bins, it can hold up to 26 times the volume.

General Waste Management

Mardon Recycling Machinery offer a vast range of machinery suited to the management of general waste. The machinery listed below is just a small variety of the options available.