save money on waste disposal costs

12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK, which equates to over 4 billion trees being felled each year to meet our paper demand. Almost all businesses and households create cardboard and paper waste. Whether it be through boxes, shredded paper, food packaging or something else, paper and cardboard are used day to day in many activities. 

Paper and cardboard balers can provide maximum rebate. In many cases, the profit from selling the recycled material can offset the cost of the recycling equipment. 

Mardon RamPack Vertical Balers are great for small to medium volumes of paper and cardboard waste and Mardon RamPack Horizontal balers are ideal for businesses with larger volume needs, such as distribution centres and factories. 

minimise the impact on storage and handling space

Cardboard balers are one of the most useful pieces of equipment for any organisation which is committed to recycling and waste management. The ability to compact paper and cardboard is also important for companies handling large volumes of packaging materials in their daily operations; not least as balers are the ideal way to minimise the impact on storage and handling space.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that baling cardboard helps companies to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. Instead of going to landfill, cardboard packaging can be compacted and sent to be reprocessed.

paper and cardboard recycling

There are various sizes of cardboard balers, with different capacities and functions – including ones which operate either horizontally or vertically. Selecting the right model ensures that, once in place, it will offer a seamless feed for the volume of cardboard waste you generate and maximise the benefits that they can offer.

The Recycling Machines below are a small selection of the machines Mardon Recycling Machinery have available for paper and cardboard recycling. To discover which machine would best suit your individual business needs, contact one of our specialists.