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Plastic stands out as one of the most prevalent and beneficial materials in contemporary society, with nearly everything either made of, encased in, or covered by it. However, its perpetual popularity has contributed to a significant challenge: we now consume approximately 20 times more plastic than we did half a century ago.

In the UK, it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic are utilized annually, with nearly half of this amount dedicated to packaging. The environmental consequences of plastic pollution are extensive, as plastic waste often fails to decompose and can persist for centuries in landfills. Given the widespread use of plastic, responsible handling of plastic waste becomes crucial. Extending the lifespan of plastic by recycling items multiple times is a key strategy, and this can be facilitated through the use of plastic balers.

Generating revenue from your waste plastic recycling is possible—baled plastic can be sold to recycling companies, providing a substantial rebate. Moreover, this approach not only saves money on collection costs, labor time, and storage space but, in many instances, the profit from selling the bales can offset the expense of the recycling equipment.

Mardon Group offers a range of balers tailored for plastic recycling, including vertical balers designed for small to medium waste volumes, as well as semi and fully automatic horizontal balers suitable for larger volumes.

managing your plastic waste

Our range of Recycling Machinery offer a vast range of options that will assist you in managing your plastic waste. Choosing the right Recycling Machine is vital in order to maximise the benefits that they can offer. Mardon Recycling Machinery Limited are on hand to advise you on the right waste management solution that will suit your individual business objectives. Contact our dedicated team of specialists to discuss this further.