Tyres are a highly recyclable materials

Tyre recycling is of utmost importance and is subject to stringent regulations. In the past, the process has posed challenges due to the high costs associated with transportation. For several years now, disposing of tyres in landfill sites has been deemed illegal.

Tyres constitute a highly recyclable material with a multitude of applications, such as crumb rubber used in playgrounds, carpet underlay, road surfaces, and more. The efficient recycling of tyres not only brings significant environmental benefits but also aligns with your business and environmental objectives.

Heavy-duty recycling machinery that is reinforced

At Mardon Recycling Machinery Limited, we supply heavy duty recycling machinery which is reinforced allowing it to handle harder to bale materials such as car tyres. Speak to one of our specialists who will be able to perform a waste audit to discover which machine would benefit you the most.